CTA, founded by Tom Velez, is the parent company of Vivace Health Solutions.

CTA brings a wealth of experience in software development and artificial intelligence analytics that is leveraged by Vivace Health Solutions for deployment in the healthcare space.

Tom has been a visionary and pioneer of new frontiers for the last 40 years – Vivace was founded in this spirit – to be a transformative force in healthcare.

A young NASA engineer, Tom worked with Carl Sagan, writing mathematical formulas to help the Mars Lander land safely.

1979 – Tom left NASA to start his own company, CTA.  He began manufacturing satellites, software and hardware for ground- and space-based systems.  CTA launched 36 satellites successfully.

1993 – Tom was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Washington Business Journal.  The same year, CTA finalized a contract to build Indostar, the world’s first S-BAND lightweight satellite for direct broadcast to a single country, providing direct-to-home television services for Indonesia.

1997 – CTA Space Systems was sold to Orbital Sciences.

2001 and beyond – After 9/11, CTA worked with the intelligence community, using semantics to connect the dots and identify insider threats. CTA also built semantic models for real-time targeting of enemy weapons, thwarting potential attacks on civilians.

In the last decade, CTA has shifted focus to healthcare.  CTA has served on the HL7 committee representing the DoD (TMA), alongside other major healthcare organizations, worked on the GLIDES (GuideLines into Decision Support) project with nationally recognized semantic modeling expert, Mark Musen (of Stanford) to model the clinical guidelines for drug-lab interactions in hospital settings, and built the very first pilot to prove medication interoperability between the VA and DoD using an ontological mediator.

For more information about CTA, please visit www.cta.com.