Data. Intelligence. Action


Vivace Health Solutions has developed a comprehensive platform that brings together health care data from various sources to facilitate population health analytics for government agencies, health care organizations, researchers and educators. The same data mining, deep learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies we have used with the Department of Defense and the Veteran’s Administration to bring better care outcomes to our service members are used to extract data from diverse databases and converted to useful intelligence for better decision-making using data from health registries.

The Vivace analytics platform drives knowledge and action by:
• Building business intelligence and enterprise data warehousing solutions that help our clients make better decisions and improve outcomes
• Integrating historical data, encounter data, treatment data and outcome data to more effectively serve complex populations
• Driving population & patient-level insights
• Driving clinician and physician-level performance insights
• Integrating with registry & care coordination modules to drive action
• Validating medical management programs

Healthcare organizations count on Vivace to improve the efficiency and quality of their healthcare and human services programs. Our breadth of experience gives us a unique perspective and an unmatched ability to transform the performance of programs and improve the outcomes of the people served by our clients.