ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) is an acute life-threatening inflammatory lung injury manifested by hypoxia and stiff lungs. It is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, affecting up to 150,000 people in the USA each year with a mortality rate of approximately 40%. Early recognition and evidence-based management of ARDS can limit the propagation of lung injury and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Building on the powerful VFusion Sepsis product, VFusion ARDS combines clinical ontologies representing the expert knowledge of leading critical care clinicians to be combined with sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing engines trained on thousands records of ARDS patient data. The result is a powerful clinical decision system which can detect and predict the earliest stages of the onset of ARDS with high sensitivity and specificity. Our published studies show an AUC of 0.90 for detecting ARDS.

Knowledge Expressed as Executable Rules

Continuous Learning

Like all VFusion products, VFusion ARDS allows expert clinician users to provide feedback in the form of updated CMaps to keep up with changing guidance, local disease variation, and hospital-specific procedures.

Transparent and Explainable AI

VFusion ARDS predicts and detects Mild, Moderate, and Severe ARDS and provides all the data and events it has processed to arrive at that conclusion.  This transparency engenders trust in the system affording clinicians the opportunity to make completely informed decisions and allowing them to provide feedback to the system to improve its algorithms.

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