Vivace Health Solutions showcased it’s latest product offering, VCare™ at HIMSS 2014 in Orlando.  VCare™ is artificial intelligence software developed by Vivace Health Solutions to provide real-time clinical decision support to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers.  Developed as part of a partnership with MediVu (Vivace Health Solution’s strategic business partner), VCare™ was built to compliment MediVu’s core product offering, VShield™, a software application that transforms cumbersome textual data from the EMR into easy to absorb icons that provide instant situational awareness of patients through visual fusion of data.

VCare™ is a unique product because of it’s ability to perform complex reasoning about a patient’s vital signs, lab results, diagnoses, symptoms, and medications to create a clinical picture that is multidimensional and actionable.  VCare™ pieces together the critical elements of the patient’s historical EMR data in conjunction with new data coming into the record to provide highly sensitive and specific alerts about a patient’s condition.  Clinicians are able to use VCare™ to detect early signs of deterioration, leading to timely interventions that could be life-saving.  VCare™ also brings quality improvement projects to life by alerting clinicians to patients that may be at risk or require special attention according to best practice guidelines.

Dr. Joy Hardison, emergency physician, describes VCare™ as “an assist to physicians that is especially critical in today’s practice environment where we are finding ourselves being asked to see more patients faster than ever, while electronic medical records do not support this workflow demand because they remain challenging to navigate and clunky to use.”  Dr. Hardison explains, “Sometimes critical information may be buried in the EMR, but when you’re seeing a new patient every 15 minutes it is impossible to perform a detailed review of each patient’s record.”  VCare’s™ artificial intelligence software automatically mines the EMR data to find the critical elements of the patient record that are required for physicians to make quick and informed decisions, which Vivace Health Solutions believes will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

HIMSS attendees apparently agreed, as MediVu’s “First Time HIMSS Presenters” booth was packed each day of the exhibit, all day long.  The combination of MediVu’s VShield™ and VCare™ is a powerful package that offers a total solution for transforming data into a usable form – a solution that was greeted with much enthusiasm by the growing number of physicians dissatisfied with their EMRs.  One stakeholder commented, “Having represented companies as a seller and as a consumer at HIMSS for eight years, from start-up companies to [multi-billion dollar corporations], this was the best representation and presentation with the best team and the best potential customer response I have experienced.”